Before You Buy

Our strings are unique in a number of respects and there are a few things that should be considered before you come by what we make.

Through Body Stringing - NO

The tapered section on the thicker strings is shorter than most other brands of strings; so short in fact that they will not work on through body strung instruments.

Thick Gauges

Very thick strings provide some unique challenges.
If the strings you are interested in are only slightly thicker than you are accustomed to, then widening the nut slots will be all that is called for. If your prospective gauges are quite a bit thicker than you have used before you will need to have a new nut cut due to string spacing issues. Nut replacement is optimal so that you have a reserve nut and can return the instrument to its original tuning if you so choose.

Our extraordinarily thick strings are best utilized in bridges that are slot or top loading. If you thread your strings through your bridge you may want to consider a bridge replacement.

If your bass bridge has to endure surgery, we encourage you to take it to someone qualified/equipped to do the necessary metal work.
We highly recommend replacing your hardware to facilitate the thicker gauges.

The Correct Length

Review the Specifications PDF to check and see which/if these strings will work on your instrument.

Long Scale (40/39" ) is appropriate for 40" scale lengths and Knuckle Quake basses.
Medium Scale (37/36") is appropriate for most 36" scale instruments and multi-scale basses/fanned fret basses.
Standard Scale (35/34") is appropriate for most standard and 35" scale instruments.
Take the time to measure your bass and see which sets are appropriate.

Click Here for Circle K Strings Technical Specifications

No replacement sets or refunds will be given for not understanding what you need for your specific implementation.

Current Payment Options

At this time we can only accept paypal payments for on line orders. You can use paypal with your credit card without a paypal account.
You will also notice upon checkout that your payment will be processed by C3 L.L.C. This is our current paypal account, and will change again in the near future.
Please email if you have any questions, or wish to make a payment via money order.

At this time we do not accept personal checks.

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Before You Buy

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