An Update on our progress….

Hello everyone, C3 here, webmaster and general techno-geek from Circle K Strings.  I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on whats going on with the site.

We completed the infrastructure upgrades to our servers and site, systems are updated, software is up to date, and now we are moving into the “tune and tweak” stage of the process, which I must say will probably take quite some time…with bugs reported, and enhancement requests submitted…we have some work to do…but its good work.

So whats new? well outside of the obvious look and feel, we have a lot of new products (6,7,8 and 9 string guitar sets for one..) as well as features like customer reviews and portal pages, individual product pages, new tension and weight charts, facebook share links on all pages, and one I am quite proud of, a completely autonomous mobile site for i-devices and androids (but still offering the “full html site” link at the bottom), so alot has changed.

So whats still to come? well again the obvious a new SSL cert will be added and the entire site will be https/ssl activated so you can browse and shop in total security.  We are also starting up the affiliate program which will allow customers to post links on the facebook and web pages and every time someone comes to the store form that link, they get a store credit with no limit as to how much you can acquire.  Artists pages and photo gallery are coming soon as well as “facebook login” allowing users to use their facebook account as a CKS site account.  And last but not least, we are going to be moving away from pay-pal as our primary payment services, allowing you to use your credit card directly with

So keep checking in, and let us know if you see anything out of the ordinary, from misspelled words (I am horrible when it comes to spelling correct punctuation, ask my mom, the English teacher…) to misrepresented products and prices. post them to the bug reports blog page and we will address them as quickly as possible.

Thanks everyone for your patience, and for your business!!


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Majority of work completed. Store is open. New products added daily!

Hello Everyone!

We are happy to report the Circle K Strings store is back open for business!

We completed most of the infrastructure work, and redesign we wanted to get done, but have a few more tasks going into the remainder of the week.  Some things you will see change over the next few days:

  • New SSL certificate – no more expired certificate warnings!
  • 7,8 and 9 String guitar sets added
  • Affiliate program completed
  • Unit Weight Chart
  • and Much More!

Thanks for your patience!

Much more info to come!!

And if you have any general comments please feel free to post below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  You may also use the two links at the top of this page “Bug Report” and “Enhancement Requests” for reporting problems and suggesting changes to the store.

Oh and check out the new YouTube channel! and let us know if you have any video of you playing Circle K Strings!

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New Site, New Look, New Stuff, an ever evolving Circle K Strings website!

Greetings friends of Circle K!

C3 here posting to the new “Skip’s Tips” blog and general resource center, just one of the many new features of the Circle K Strings website.  I wanted to write and tell you about whats going on with the new site upgrade.  It really is a complete overhaul of the old site.  We wanted to make the shopping experience easier, more informative, and Mobile!!  So here is a small taste of what to expect from the new site.  We really hope you enjoy the new features.

SSL/Secure Site - Our entire site is now SSL, so all information passed between you and us is now encrypted.  You can now browse and shop even more securely.

New Layout and New Look – We wanted to make the shopping experience a better one, so now our site is a little easier on the eyes, has new navigation options, and will be mobile device friendly!

Product Detail Pages – Products are now “deep links” to detailed information, including weight and tension data, and Customer Reviews.

Customer Reviews – Registered customers can write reviews of products and have them posted on the individual product pages.  Any Item that has a star rating, has reviews written for that product.

FaceBook Share – Simple “One-Click” share button on all product pages to instantly share your favorite Circle K Products!

Personal Account Page – Manage Order History, preferences, and shipping/billing addresses from your own personal portal page.

New Products – 7 and 8 string guitar sets, shirts, hoodies, stickers…you asked for it… so you got it!

New Blog Pages – “Skip’s Tips (and other really weird shit)” is a new place to read about strings, instruments, whatever we may want to talk about!

This is only the beginning, we  hope to tune and tweak the site to make it the best shopping experience possible.  We will also be opening up a blog page for folks to recommend site enhancements and features, as well as report bugs or problems with the site.

Thanks again for your patience while we make these changes, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.



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